Our Story

Arts Downtown, began in 1995 with a dream to build a collection of quality public art in Puyallup, a collection that today features more than 50 artworks in our outdoor gallery. We are an all-volunteer, non-profit organization. We work with support from the City of Puyallup, local businesses and private citizens to provide for the installation, maintenance and preservation of works in Puyallup’s outdoor gallery, and provide educational programs and tours for the public.

In 2017 we merged with the former Valley Arts United to help support art galleries at our City hall and Activity Center and the choral group Tapestry Singers, as well as sponsoring and participating in a variety of arts events and activities throughout the year.

Our goal is to enhance visual literacy and appreciation for the arts, and to encourage cultural tourism, thereby contributing to both the economy and quality of life within our community.




​President – Becky Condra
Vice President – Paige Johansen
Secretary - Joan Cronk
Treasurer – Patricia De Groot

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Scott Aigner  2017-21
Becky Condra  2017-21
Joan Cronk  2017-19
David DeGroot 2017-19
Pat DeGroot  2017-19
Pat Emlet  2017-21
Tracy Hamilton 2017-21
Paige Johansen 2017-21
Kathy Turner  2017-19

Board of Directors Alternates
Beth Bestrom  2017-19
Kevin Loney  2017-19 

news & events

Monthly Meetings

Arts Downtown meets at 6:00 pm on the second Thursday of each month at the Puyallup
Activity Center, 210 W Pioneer Ave. Puyallup, WA 98371