Call to Artists - Closed

The call for Arts Downtown’s 2019 - 2021 rotating Gallery closed

Submitted works will be evaluated based on four criteria:

• Aesthetics – Characteristics such as being compelling, original, approachable, skillful, and satisfying.

Durability – Would this piece fair well for two years outdoors, in all kinds of weather, in an accessible, unregulated public space?

• Safety - Does it have features that could cause injury to a person coming in contact with it? Would it invite climbing or other inappropriate interaction?

• Suitability – This has two parts, one is whether the work would fit into our intensively occupied and utilized downtown core. The other is whether it would be appropriate for viewing by our general population.

Additionally, submitted works must be available for sale.

Program Benefits to Artists

• Well-established, well-known and well-respected program

• Work with very experienced and capable installation staff

• Promotion of the Rotating gallery through:

  • Education and special events
  • Inclusion in print and mobile tour guide
  • Magazine advertising
  • Website with artist links
  • Stipend for accepted works
  • Award for “Community Favorite”

Why Apply
Program Benefits

  • Twentyone years of outdoor gallery experience.
  • Promotion of the Rotating Gallery through education and special events within the Community, and advertising throughout the Pacific Northwest.
  • Full color brochures with map of the gallery.
  • Guided Mobile Tour with OnCell.
  • Website and links to artists personal sites.
  • Experiended Installation Crew
  • Advertisements: Sunset Magazine, Portland Monthly Magazine, South Sound Magazine, and City Arts Magazine

Required Entry Information

  • Resume - A current resume that includes day/evening/cell phone, fax, Email, Internet and mailing address.
  • Bio - A statement that best describes yourself. This will be used on ADT’s website and OnCell mobile tour.
  • Artist Statement - A statement that describes your work (inspiration, personal statement) particular to each entry and suitable for publication.
  • Images - A color print (minimum 5X7) or a electronic image of each entry labeled with artist’s name and title of work. Color prints of work selected will become the property of Arts Downtown.
  • Mounting Information - Our bases and pedestals have steel tops. The sculpture must have a 1/4” thick steel base attached that can be spot welded during installation.
Artist notification will be made in December by personal phone call, to be followed by written confirmation.

Apply Now

Artist Calendar

calender pic
  • April 28, 2019 - Installation of 2019 - 2021 Rotating Gallery works
  • Fall 2020 - Announcement of People’s Choice Winner
  • April 28, 2021 - Removal of 2017 - 2019 rotating works and installation of 2019-21 works

All Art Must Be Durable

Able to maintain its quality in extreme weather conditions and withstand possible pedestrian contact. Each piece accepted must be of sufficient size to be easily visible to passersby. Each piece must pass final inspection upon installation.​

All Art Must Be for Sale

Arts Downtown will assist with the technical aspects of the installation if requested. Artists selected for the 2017-2019 exhibit will be requested to sign an agreement with the City of Puyallup and Valley Arts United/Arts Downtown.

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