The Choice


Sharon Warman Agnor

Made of Stainless Steel, Bronze, Cast Glass, Enamel


Artist Statement

Sharon’s work raises the question of how important are our choices when making our dreams come true?  The potential of our dream is represented by the caged glass egg. The dream realized appears as bronze bird broken free and perched atop the silhouette of a face. Whether on a personal level, or a community level, the realization of our dreams depends on the thoughtful choices we make. 

About Sharon

Vancouver, Washington artist Sharon Agnor returned to community college at the age of 45 to learn Sculptural Welding. She was fascinated by the changes extreme temperatures made in the material, taking a flat sheet of steel and creating a form with shape and volume.  Classes in kiln-formed glass revealed a similar characteristic; flat glass becomes a form with shape and volume.  In her Public Sculptures, she combines the two materials in works that tell a story.

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