By Jenny Ellsworth

Made of Reclaimed Steel

2023-2025 Rotating Gallery, $12,000.00

Artist Statement

Jenny’s description of “Salacia – Goddess of Spring Water” is as follows:
“Rebar cattails gently sway in the wind inside three different size tubes that mimic leaves.

About Jenny Ellsworth

Jenny Ellsworth describes herself as “A self-taught artist specializing in innovative
recycled art”. While Jenny was always artistic, it was when she went to work in a
metal fabrication shop that she discovered her love for metal as a medium. She
always asked herself how she could give pieces destined for the scrap yard a
second chance. Jenny has run a metal fabrication shop, but as she puts it her joy is
in “creating things that do not require a blueprint”. Jenny’s public sculptures can
be found in cities in Washington and Oregon.