Sharon Agnor Warman

Made of Stainless Steel, Bronze, Cast Glass, Enamel | $12,000

Artist Statement

In Sharon’s words, “It’s important to me to have my work be part of the visual conversation-art creates in our public spaces.  My desire is to create meaningful, thoughtful work that tells a story.  Exploring the effects of life’s unpredictable events, the healing impact of the natural beauty around me, and the resulting decisions I make moving forward motivate me in my work.  What causes us to move from hardship toward optimism, is a subject that I personally think about, and these themes tend to find expression in my work.

“My intent with ‘Renovation’ is to invite discussion on the conditions we require for recovery and repair, no matter what our injury.

“This posed figure has eyes shut and locked. The black and white stripes represent our belief that life might come without setbacks.  The multicolored areas are more like what life actually brings.  Challenges.  At the center of the figure is where the action is taking place, the healing and possibilities of the future.”

About Sharon Warman Agnor

Vancouver, Washington artist Sharon Agnor returned to community college at the age of 45 to learn Sculptural Welding. She was fascinated by the changes extreme temperatures made in the material, taking a flat sheet of steel and creating a form with shape and volume.  Classes in kiln-formed glass revealed a similar characteristic; flat glass becomes a form with shape and volume.  In her Public Sculptures, she combines the two materials in works that tell a story.