Luck Lady

Lucky Lady

Jim Johnson

Made of Welded Steel and Copper | $15,000

Artist Statement

About his work, Jim says: “When I create a piece of art, my aim is to show action and/or a specific feeling. With some work, I will feel I have not been as successful as I like, but I keep trying.”

About Jim Johnson

Jim Johnson first expressed his talent for art as a young child with a carving made from a bar of soap. As a young adult, he cultivated his artistic talents, graduating from Oregon State University in both industrial arts and arts and crafts. When his family moved to Japan in the ’60s, Jim studied sculpture, painting, life drawing, and wood-block printing. A decade later he returned for graduate study at Aichi Prefecture University in bronze casting, stone carving, and dry lacquer. While in Japan he participated in many exhibits and competitions and became the only non-Japanese person to be accepted into the Niten National Art Association. Since returning to Salem, OR he has focused on cast bronze and aluminum, welded steel, and clay. Jim has works in the public collections of numerous cities in Oregon and Washington.