Kelp Totem IV Orca

Kelp Totem IV Orca

Lin McJunkin

Made of Powder-Coated Steel, Kiln-Carved and pate de verre Glass, and Stone | $5,500

Artist Statement

This assembly of 4 kiln-carved or embossed glass panels features sections of the iconic orca’s body - from top to bottom: vertebra, innards, ribs, and spine in abstracted x-ray views, a perspective common to the carvings of local Coast Salish artists.  The clear-on-clear glass imprints are enhanced by small chips of “confetti” glass in Native colors of red, black, and white. 

The panels are embraced by metal kelp “strands” and balance on a “bladder” of ¼” frit cast in the traditional pate de verre method.  The entire piece rests on a stone attached to the sculpture with hidden metal bolts.

About Lin McJunkin

San Francisco native Lin McJunkin entered the warm glass art world through traditional stained glass. The gift of a small kiln hooked her on the narrative potential of glass, and after many years of experimentation and one summer at Pilchuck International Glass School, she employs four main glass-forming techniques:  cluster-fused, cast, kiln-carved, and pate de verre.