Joie De Vivre

Joie De Vivre

David Varnau

Cast Bronze | $9,950

Artist Statement

This piece “reflects the moments of our lives when all is well, our senses are heightened and we feel the grace of being alive,” said Varnau.

About David

David Varnau draws his inspiration for each new sculpture by a desire to capture the wonder and appreciation he feels with witnessing the beauty of the human form.

His career serving amputees for over 40 years was inspirational and gave him a real appreciation for the human spirit’s capacity to transform loss into triumph, as well as a heart for those experiencing the struggles related to their condition.

Varnau traveled to Western Europe more than 15 times studying the art of the masters, and said Bernini, Michelangelo and Rodin influenced his work. 

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Varnau said the process of actually sculpting is nearly mystical for him. “I simply revel in the transference of the visual details to my hands as they model the clay,”
​- David Varnau