Earth Mother

Earth Mother

Cordelia Bradburn

Cast Aluminum | $10,000

Artist Statement

Earth Mother reflects my desire to make a piece of artwork that speaks of peace on earth. The completed piece is an expression of my feelings after the birth of my first grandchild. While watching her first stretching out in a new world and pondering the future for all our children, this image came to me,

About Cordelia

A successful sculptor for 20 years, Cordelia Bradburn’s career began with clay and bronze. Now best known for her cast aluminum work, her pieces have appeared in many sculpture walks and she has permanent work in front of the Leavenworth Library grounds, Leavenworth Fest Hall, Twisp Salmon Ponds and private collections. Sudden Inspiration, her first aluminum figure, won the Community Favorite award in Puyallup and was purchased for permanent display. Six pieces of her work have been shown in Puyallup since 1997 Cordi is well known for her work with children and she is on the roster of teaching artists on the Washington State Arts Commission.