Jim Johnson

Welded Stainless Steel Wire | $20,000 ​

Artist Statement

I found this pose for this sculpture on a church bulletin and liked the curves and flow.  I had bought at recycling a large amount of stainless steel wire and was looking for a project for it. A lot of the shape was determined by the shape of the wire coils as it is tempered steel and hard to bend other than by heating.

About Jim

Jim Johnson is a multi-talented artist who works in sculpture, painting, jewelry and ceramics. He studied art in Japan for three years with some of Japan’s leading artists, as well as at Aichi University of Fine Art. He has or has shown public art in the following cities: Keizer, Wilsonville, and Happy Valley in Oregon, Longview, Federal Way, Wenatchee, and Puyallup in Washington.

"I try to show action and/or feeling with my work. I like curves, smooth and flowing lines.”
​- Jim Johnson