Posted by Tammy Montevideo
June 06, 2023
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Three works of art were recently added to the Puyallup Arts Downtown’s “Permanent Collection” during the 2021-2023 rotation. These artists and their works are; “Butterfly” by Kris Vermeer, “Restoration” (Dedication to Carmen Bennette) by Sharon Warman Agnor, and “Flight” (Community Favorite Winner, purchased by the city) by C. J. Rench.

Puyallup Arts Downtown has a  bi-annual installation that includes five new works that become part of the “Rotating Gallery”. The five pieces of artwork in this rotating gallery will remain on display for 2 years. 

Arts Downtown requests community participation through the ”Community Favorite Vote”. The winning artist will receive a $2000 stipend and the organization or the City of Puyallup will decide whether or not to purchase the sculpture. 

 “ Our goal is to enhance visual literacy and appreciation for the arts, and to encourage cultural tourism, thereby contributing to both the economy and quality of life within our community.,” say the current President of Arts Downtown, Nicole Martineau You can view these sculptures NOW on their Story Walking Tour website, Go to “stops” and then visit the upper right corner directory for the list of artworks.