by Olinka Broadfoot

Cast Bronze

Artist Website: olinkabroadfootgallery.com

Artist Email: obroadfoot@gmail.com

About “SIBLINGS”, she says: ”This piece was created to show the connections between people. Some of us are connected through the heart, some of us consciously, some of us by blood ties and some of us from a need to be connected... but the point is: that we are ALL connected.”

Artist Bio:
Olinka Broadfdoot was born in Prague, Czech Republic, lived as a child in Argentina, and has spent much of here adulthood living in the US. She is a sculptor and painter who describes her work as being influenced by all three of those cultures. She studied with Oregon Sculptor Weltzin Blix, and names the late painter/sculptor Jan Zach as her mentor. She maintains studios in Stod, Czech Republic, and in Portland, Oregon.

Ms. Broadfoot works in a wide range of mediums, reflecting her diverse background. She feels that not only the artist, but the materials used and the place where the work is made all contribute to the actualization of any piece of art. Technique is part of the pleasure, as she says: “I enjoy seeing how far I can push any given medium, and I enjoy being forced to create within the material’s parameters. I know a piece is good when I am no longer aware of myself while creating it.”