Material: Steel & Bronze
Artist Website: dantoone.com

Artist Email: dantoone@gmail.com

Artist Statement: 
"I enjoy taking the normally rigid and structural steel, and turning it into smooth, unrestrained flowing lines, shapes and forms.  Many of my pieces have begun with a found object or a fall off piece from another project.  Something about the shape and form will attract me and from there, I begin to create. The undulating shape of the steel plate in “Unwrapped” is such a found piece, having been salvaged from a steel silo that exploded.

Artist Bio:
Dan was raised on a farm in Spokane, Washington where he developed a deep appreciation for the intricacies of nature. Even at a young age he began to notice and sketch the beauty around him.

He continued to enjoy sketching and developing his skills through high school, and studied commercial art at Spokane Falls Community College. One assignment was to build a kinetic sculpture, and Dan has been fascinated with sculpture ever since. That fascination and a job in Salt Lake City where he was trained to weld stainless steel led to his appreciation of steel as an art medium, now his medium of choice


Phillips Gallery - Salt Lake City, Utah phillips-gallery.com - Haven Gallery
St George, Utah - mainstreetgallerystgeorge.com - LaFave Gallery
Springdale, Utah lafavegallery.com - Exposures International Gallery
Sedona, Arizona - exposuresfineart.com


​by Dan Toone